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“I welcome you to my page. I am Margarita Nagel, dancer, choréographer, singer, actor and more. I have been working in all over Europe since my exam at the Folkwang University in Essen. I have been on stage as an artist since I was 15 Years old. I love to create and to develop my art in a new way of thinking. Everything I do, I do it to change the world a bit and to express with the dance, independent of every language, what I do feel, what the world and our civilisation feel. My pieces are always created to let my spectators realise their own emotions, for that they are touched in different ways.

I was born the 10 May 1982 in Germany. I invite you to share some time of your life with me and my passion.”

Trailer Short Film: AM – danse e(s)t énergie-

Trailer Performances 15 September 2017 Black Box


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Margarita Nagel is dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance. She has her residence in Nice, where she creates her pieces of contemporary dance. She studied dance and choreography at the Folkwang University in Essen in Germany, the University of Pina Bausch, one of the most known Choreographers of contemporary dance in the world. Since her exam Margarita created pieces and danced all over Europe as Spain, Malta, Lithuania, Poland, Suisse, Germany and so on.
She worked and studied her self as a dancer with Choreographers  Jerome Bel, Malou Airaudo, Lutz Förster, Susanne Linke and others .
In 2011 she started to work in France in Lyon where she had her residence also in the National Center of Danse of Lyon and since 2013 in Nice to create her own Company of contemporary dance, Company M./ N.
She is supported by the Art Center “The Hublot“, the Center “Peace Yoga“ and the „Black Box“, where she creates and rehearses her different works. She is in contact with artists from all over the world and has developed important contacts here in Nice, to encourage contemporary dance.
The works of Margarita Nagel are dynamic and emotionally charged. For her it is important to tell a story, to reach people, to touch them deeply and to open their minds to the problems of our civilization, the illness of personal hearts and the heart of our society.
Margarita Nagel also works with other ways of communications than dance; she uses video projections, contemporary music, acting and uses exchanges with other artists as well as painters and musicians.
For Margarita Nagel dance is a medium of communication independent of languages, a medium which can express all the emotions, feelings and stories with a lot of space for interpretation.
Margarita: „We all can heal the world with our love, which is alife deep inside of us“