Choreographer… and more

“I welcome you to my page. I am Margarita Nagel, dancer, choréographer, painter, writer and more. I have been working in all over Europe since my exam at the Folkwang University in Essen. I have been on stage as an artist since I was 15 Years old. I love to create and to develop my art in a new way of thinking. Everything I do, I do it to change the world a bit and to express with the dance, independent of every language, what I do feel, what the world and our civilisation feel. My pieces are always created to let my spectators realise their own emotions, for that they are touched in different ways.

I was born as dancer the 10 May 1982 in Germany. I invite you to share some time of your life with me and my passion.”

Trailer “Né dans l’espoir”

Film “No 2 Racism”

Film “AM”

Inline Analysis BA Company M/N

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